2019 Hatch Day 1

We started with 17 eggs, broke a few, culled some others, and are now left with twelve.

2 White Eggs (Leghorns)

2 Brown Eggs (RIR, Austrlorp, or Golden Comet)

4 Green Eggs (EE)

4 Blue Eggs (EE).

We are up to five pipped and at least two more ready to pip. We were worried that they would be delayed, because the top got knocked off, but they are right on schedule!

Somewhere between five and 12 new chicks! We have more under a Black Frances in the coop. We can’t get her to move to tell us how many eggs she has, but I’m guessing they are all brown, because every time Meggan shoves her way in there to lay, Frances shifts around until suddenly the blue egg is in the middle of the coop. She just sits there looking innocent.

Six more coming in the mail, and a hatch party next weekend!

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