Bonus Chickens

Our Black Australorp was running broody, so we let her sit on some eggs. She want interested at all in hatching non-brown eggs. Meggan would go in and lay one in the nesting box, and an hour or so later, it was in the middle of the coop.

Anyway, we were starting to worry, because it seemed like 21 days had passed. We decided to leave the eggs under her until the weekend.

Imagine our elation when it looked like they were going to hatch. The first one though got out, but we think that Frances killed it.

So we took the eggs, set up the incubator, and let em go.

The first one was having trouble – the membrane was dried out, making it hard for the chick to get out. So we helped. Number two got out on her own a few hours later.

We were worried that the first two weren’t very active. But they were fluffy and happy this morning.

With another chick! When we woke up this morning we had three cute little Black Australorp x Easter Eggers hopping about. We are going to move the older chicks to the garage, and use the inside brooder for the newest girls.

I’ve got the garage brooder warming up, and ready to go.

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