Month: January 2021

Taking Turns

The rule in our house is that only one of us can be a mess at any given time. Well, rules are apparently meant to be broken, because here I am in the parking lot of the emergency room at 3:30 in the morning.

Huevos Fritos

So,apparently the way that I like my eggs has a name. I have eggs most morning for breakfast because yum! I prefer a fried egg to scrambled. And usually cook at high heat for a shorted amount of time. Apparently that is a Spanish… Continue Reading “Huevos Fritos”

Step It Up South America!

Giggle. I looked at my stats for last year, and my map made me giggle. I’ve got good coverage in Europe and Asia, a smattering of folks from Africa… but no one from South America! Clearly I need more southerly-facing content. I’ve been in… Continue Reading “Step It Up South America!”

Misfit Market – Take 2

I’ve been trying to write every day this year, but missed a day or two. I might miss a day or two this week, because I’m having surgery tomorrow morning. 🤞🏼Hopefully my last for this injury🤞🏼 But, on Monday, I picked my vegetables for… Continue Reading “Misfit Market – Take 2”


So, since I made lemon curd, I must make scones. I believe that is the law. We have cranberries and walnuts, so I went with that.

Lemon Curd

I used some of the lemon from the misfits box in my macarons, and didn’t want it to go to waste. And I had the yolks left over from the eggs, so I decided to make lemon curd.

First Attempt at Macarons

So, since I have celiac, my decent pastry options are limited. I also have a tendency to go all-in, especially if it involves new gear. I decided to try macarons, because they aren’t worse off by being gluten-free. They use almond flour. We also… Continue Reading “First Attempt at Macarons”

Teaching a Class

One of the things I do with MakeICT us that I teach classes every now and then. Last weekend, I taught a class I call Urban Chickens. Basically it is my “getting started” blogs, with Q&A and resources. This was my first time teaching… Continue Reading “Teaching a Class”

Preserving Lemons

One way to brighten a dish is to add preserved lemons. They are ridiculously simple and pack a punch. They keep in the fridge for months. Start with a small jar, two lemons and salt. Many recipes are for large jars, but we don’t… Continue Reading “Preserving Lemons”

My Pretty Lunch

I made a salad today with the beets from our box. A little labor intensive, but good. Started with a beet, three mushrooms, and a shallot. Sliced the mushrooms and diced the beet and shallot. Roasted the beets and shallots in olive oil, salt,… Continue Reading “My Pretty Lunch”