Huevos Fritos

So,apparently the way that I like my eggs has a name. I have eggs most morning for breakfast because yum! I prefer a fried egg to scrambled. And usually cook at high heat for a shorted amount of time. Apparently that is a Spanish egg, or huevos Fritos.

Forgot to take a picture so, I borrowed one.

Huevos Fritos

  • Olive oil
  • Egg
  • Salt and pepper

Heat up the skillet with oil. Get nice and hot,crack the egg into the pan. Turn the heat down. Cook until the edges get brown. Add salt and pepper to taste. Flip the egg and turn off the heat.

Easy peasy and delicious. I’m not a fan of the runny yolk, so I cook a little longer, but this makes for a nice yummy egg.

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