Step It Up South America!

Giggle. I looked at my stats for last year, and my map made me giggle.

I’ve got good coverage in Europe and Asia, a smattering of folks from Africa… but no one from South America! Clearly I need more southerly-facing content.

I’ve been in four of the countries that with readers of my blog. U.S., Canada, India, and a layover in Frankfurt on the way to India, which totally counts that I’ve been in Germany.

Where do I want to go next? Well, hmmm…. I’d love to go to Spain. I would eat my way through Spain.

I desperately want to see the Alhambra.

I’d love to go to Ireland, where some distant relatives live in Westport, County Mayo. My beloved wants to go to England to see where he lived as a child (and I’d love to see the Globe theatre, Stratford-on-Avon, and some of our ancestral castles).

Seat of the Earl of Arundel

I want to go to Scotland to look at other ancestral castles and see the highlands.

Castle associated with Clan Murray of Atholl

Note, pictures are not mine.

Someday, I’ll have to write a blog about the cool stuff my dad has about our ancestors. Spoiler Alert: I’m Irish ☘️.

But alas, in COVID times, I’ll just look forward to when we are all vaccinated and I can hug my parents.

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