Month: November 2017

Kansas City here I come!

A while ago, I had to go to KC for a doctor’s appointment. We needed to pick up a piece of equipment for the brew lab that was living my my best friend’s garage. The husband was able to get away from work, so… Continue Reading “Kansas City here I come!”

Eggs in the Skelter

We’ve gotten to the point that we get more eggs per day than can fit in our egg holder on the counter top, so we bought a skelter.

Word of the day: Murmuration

So we are on a bird superhighway. If you’re frightened of birds, here’s your warning.

Chicken Scare

So we had our first big scare of our chicken raising lives. I had to work late, and the husband wasn’t feeling well, and forgot to close the coop door. I realized at about 10 pm, and went out to check on them. Um…… Continue Reading “Chicken Scare”

Good News from the Egg Front

So yesterday we found the secret cache of eggs that our chickens have been laying. Since we didn’t know how long this had been going on (there were 24 of them), we did the float test. I’m happy to say that none of them… Continue Reading “Good News from the Egg Front”

Making a Chili Ristra in 10 Easy Steps 

On our epic trip back from Colorado, we came across a roadside farm stand with chilis, so *of course* we stopped and got a half-bushel.  We got home and now what? We cooked with them, we roasted and froze some of them, and still… Continue Reading “Making a Chili Ristra in 10 Easy Steps “

The Great Easter Egg Hunt of November 2017

We have been averaging about 3-4 eggs for the last few days. We know we have 5 ladies laying, but figured that they weren’t laying every day. WRONG!  They were laying by the side of the garage. I noticed Violet over there away from… Continue Reading “The Great Easter Egg Hunt of November 2017”

Pimp My Coop

So we have a lovely coop that is right for our little family. But as winter is on the way, we decided to get a heat source, and while we were at it, make some adjustments.