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Making Oilcloth

So we have a lot of things that need covering outside, and I’m a dork, so I’ve been making oilcloth so our stuff will match. So far, I’ve done a cover for the chicken pen, some windbreaks for our feeding station, and a banner.

Making a Chili Ristra in 10 Easy Steps 

On our epic trip back from Colorado, we came across a roadside farm stand with chilis, so *of course* we stopped and got a half-bushel.  We got home and now what? We cooked with them, we roasted and froze some of them, and still… Continue Reading “Making a Chili Ristra in 10 Easy Steps “

Pimp My Coop

So we have a lovely coop that is right for our little family. But as winter is on the way, we decided to get a heat source, and while we were at it, make some adjustments.

Eyeball Cookies

So yesterday we made the sugar cookies, today we decorate. The frosting is an easy powdered sugar frosting that dries well, and holds sprinkles. Butter, room temperature, about a tablespoon. Then add powdered sugar and warm water and mix. Not too runny, not too… Continue Reading “Eyeball Cookies”

Sugar cookies

Every year that I need to make a halloween treat, I go with the easy peasy eyeball sugar cookies. I love me some sugar cookies, but I’m very picky. They must be the correct sugar cookies. The correct sugar cookies are from the 1973… Continue Reading “Sugar cookies”

We Don’t Need No Stinkng Sodastream!

We were going through a lot of soda and other bottled or canned drinks. I’d been drinking more water, but I missed the fizz. Being nerds, we built our own soda stream.

We don’t spoil our chickens at all…

It’s hotter than blue blazes out there so I provided a little cool treat for the ladies.

Maker Faire Weekend!

The husband and I are attending our fifth (?) Maker Faire this weekend. If you haven’t heard of Maker Faire, look it up!

Adventure Box

So one of the things that we like to do here at the Goad Farm is go on adventures. Hop in the car and go do something fun. I’m a planner, but the husband is not. I’m working on it… to a point.