Maker Faire Weekend!

The husband and I are attending our fifth (?) Maker Faire this weekend. If you haven’t heard of Maker Faire, look it up!

We’ve been to every one of these in KC. It is part science fair, part craft fair, part con, and all awesome. There are a whole bunch of 3D printers, and stem projects, and robotics, and art pieces, and crafts to buy. I’ve slow danced with Boba Fett, seen elaborate cosplay, and bought handmade gifts.

This year, we are hoping to do a little more intentional looking around at jobs. I’ve got one, but the husband is looking. He is very into the maker movement, and would love to do something related to teaching kids about science and technology. He’s getting his very own 3D printer for his birthday. He had one for work a while back, but now he’ll have a little one for home use.

Fitbit’s on! Let’s do this!

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