Field of Dreams

We have more lawn than any person needs. I hate lawns. Hey, let’s put non-native, water-intensive plants that we use energy to keep artificially short. Screw that. Maybe… maybe… after we get goats… but only maybe.

So we decided that, other than a fire buffer (and enough room for bocce), we’d turn the front yard into a wildflower meadow.



But, I persevere… We have a cut flower garden on the east side of our house, and the aforementioned birdbath flowers. As I deadhead, I’m saving the seeds.

Everyone should have lab tape. It sticks like a dream, but comes off in one go. Also, a variety of colors of sharpie.

So I dry these babies out (I’ll take the lid off). Then prep for sowing in the fall. Hopefully next year, we’ll have more than just a few flowers.

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