Adventures in Birding

I think we can all agree that I’m a total dork. When I go on my Rocky Mountain National Park vacations, I generally try to take in a ranger-led bird walk. But closer to home, I have a whole shitload of birds in my yard.
I use the Audubon App on my phone/iPad.

We try to make this as hospitable bird sanctuary as possible. To wit, I have a bunch of feeders and a couple of bird baths.
One I kinda like is one that has flowers around it.  So you take your average shepherd’s crook. Add a hanging basket and a saucer.

Plant some flowers in the hanging basket, and keep watered/filled.

I did Zinnias and Cosmos. It looks kinda cruddy right now because it is hotter than the sun today, but it attracts birds and keeps them cool.

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