Why am I here?

People who know me (Or have met me once. Or have heard stories about me) wonder how I ended up here. And why am I staying?

I grew up in the big (sorta) town about an hour from here. I was a city girl, did city things. I pretty much stayed on the East side of Wichita, because yikes, the west side was like a whole other city. Went to KU instead of Notre Dame in a negotiated accord with my parents whereby if I went to KU (full scholarship), they would pay for me to do a semester anywhere. Because 21 year olds are idiots, I did a semester in DC.
Srsly… Dear 21 year old me: SPAIN you moron!

My goal was to be a lawyer, or maybe a lobbyist. Which, to be fair, I did for ten years. I practiced law for ten years. I got recruited to work at a startup, got laid off, then started working for a large company. Now I work for a small nonprofit. The nice thing is that I can pretty much work anywhere that I have bandwidth.

So we follow the husband’s job. First, we moved from KC to a small town in Missouri so he could teach. For giggles, I picked a house with some acreage and a nice kitchen. It made my commute less (an hour), and his commute would be reasonable (20 minutes). Then he got a position at a small college near my hometown. For various and sundry reasons, it made sense for us to move closer to my parents. 

We decided that we were in a position to buy a house, so we started looking. The very first house we liked on the intertubes ended up being what we bought. We only even looked at three houses. 

So here I am. I describe to non-Kansans where I live thusly: OK, find Wichita. Go an hour that way to that small town. OK. No not there. Go east about 10 miles or so to this town of about 1,000 people. No, not there. Go about 5 miles east of there, and you’ll see an unincorporated township. We live just north of that.
As for why I stay?

That view. And that garden that is bigger than my first apartment.

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