Maker Faire Day 1

Day one is under our belt. A good time was had by all. I got ideas for crafts, yelled at by some… thing? And got a henna tattoo.  

We saw a bunch of different crafts at the craft portion of the show. I’m considering the Mulder votive. If I still had my shrine*, like I did at my old house in Wichita, I would buy the shit out of the Mulder votive.  I still may.

*I lived in an old house in a very capital C Catholic neighborhood. In my living room, there was a niche, designed to hold your statue of Mary. I decorated it in various random ways every month. 

KC Henna Always does a fantastic job of henna-ing me up. This year, I got a swallow because we have a family of barn swallows outside our window.

If we go back today, I’m getting the Celtic rune for strength changing into a dragonfly (resilience).

 We also did a little craft, making bugs out of leftover paper from the craft room at Science City

Mine’s the snail. The husband add the other bug.

Well, I think it’s time to wake up the husband for our waffles. Hampton Inns are the bomb. They have waffles for breakfast.

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