Adventure Box

So one of the things that we like to do here at the Goad Farm is go on adventures. Hop in the car and go do something fun. I’m a planner, but the husband is not. I’m working on it… to a point.

Anyhow, a while back I did a little project. I made boxes to keep all the crap we acquire on our travels. Simple thing, take a photo box and cover the top with a map. I’m adding to this though. We find stuff in our house left by the last owners. This time is was a stash of 6 year old Kansas! Magazines.


So I went through and found interesting things to do.


As I tore out the pages, I thought that we needed a place to put them so we can find them. Then I thought, hey, let’s just throw them in envelopes, with an approximate time frame on them, so that we can draw them out of a hat, and go on random adventures.

IMG_3141So now we have, in the box, five adventures with 1/2 day, day trip, and weekend labels.



So next time we want to go on an adventure, we can just grab one out of the box.


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