Making Oilcloth

So we have a lot of things that need covering outside, and I’m a dork, so I’ve been making oilcloth so our stuff will match.

So far, I’ve done a cover for the chicken pen, some windbreaks for our feeding station, and a banner.

So how do you make oilcloth?

Start with linseed oil and mineral spirits. Eyeball half and half. I buy empty gallon paint pails for various things. This is great, so I can keep it if I don’t use it all up at once.

Make sure you have gloves, and are in a well ventilated area, preferably outside.

Take your item, and if it is small enough, use tongs to dunk it in the oil/spirits mixture. If it is too big for that, drape it and apply liberally with a paint brush.

Leave it out to dry for several hours. If you’ve got a laundry line, that’s great.

Easy Peasy. I put grommets in the oilcloth to attach it to things. I find it is easier to do after turning it into oilcloth.

Here is the cover I made for the chicken pen. We don’t use it often, but sometimes we want to sequester one or more.

To make it easy, most are connected with zip ties.

I made some windbreaks to match, but haven’t put them up yet. And with the leftovers, I made bunting.

I bought some coordinating fabric for other things around the yard. We have the bones of a rocker that I’ve painted, but that doesn’t have seats right now. And I want to make an awning.

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