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Dream Realized

Ever since I was a wee child, I’ve wanted a card catalog of my very own. How long you ask? I wanted one to house my music collection, which at the time was tapes. Yeah.

Making Oilcloth

So we have a lot of things that need covering outside, and I’m a dork, so I’ve been making oilcloth so our stuff will match. So far, I’ve done a cover for the chicken pen, some windbreaks for our feeding station, and a banner.

Working Backwards… Adventure Day!

So originally, I was going to recover from a week of travel by staying home and lounging, but I woke up at like 6:30 (dammit), so I went into town with the husband. He went to a Tormach(?) class at MakeICT, and I ran errands.… Continue Reading “Working Backwards… Adventure Day!”

Keeping the farm safe from wasps… and haints.

I hate wasps. I’m not, like, tragically allergic to them, but they hurt like hell and swell up like balloons – but at least I can still breathe. In any case, growing up I always heard that if you paint your porch ceiling blue,… Continue Reading “Keeping the farm safe from wasps… and haints.”