Country Breakfast

I’ve probably posed about this before, but anyone who reads this, or has met me, knows that I love me some breakfast. Today we had a lovely slow Sunday morning.

We lounged and read internets, and my kitten snuggled with us for a while. Then came breakfast.

Italian sausage, potatoes, fresh eggs and cheddar cheese hash. With maple pecan scones and orange juice.

I make a mean scone. And used to make them all the time before the dreaded celiac diagnosis. But I persevered. I use the Joy of Cooking basic scone recipe and change out the extras.

I used Krusteaz Gluten-Free All Purpose Flour.

Which makes me think of this every time.

And if I don’t have heavy cream, I start with an egg, then fill up the rest of the half-cup with milk. Seems to work to give it the richness of cream. Today I skipped the cranberries, and put in about two tablespoons-ish of maple syrup and a handful of pecans and no zest. I also like cranberry walnut with orange zest, or apricot.

I took a page out of the pie crust book, and put it all in the food processor. Worked very well, and made it so darn fast.

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