Month: December 2019

🐓🚨 Chicken News 🚨🐓

We have at least six chickens laying eggs right now! We are back in eggs, and starting to give them to friends and family.

Christmas Presents

So some of my crafts haven’t been posted, because I didn’t want to spoil it. “Now, Libby, don’t tell Aunt Jane and Uncle Greg what we got them for Christmas.” Three minutes later… “Hi Uncle Greg, we got you a shirt!”

Christmas Traditions-Old and New.

Had a lovely Christmas! Started with the baking of the pies, then Rise of Skywalker. I am a fan of nearly all things Star Wars (first two prequels excluded). It was great, and I left the theater ugly crying and grinning at the same… Continue Reading “Christmas Traditions-Old and New.”

Christmas With Prairie Peacock

So my good friend Catharine (Prairie Peacock on insta) and I had our annual gift exchange. We are both crafty sorts. I started a blog so I could show my projects, Catharine started insta to show her soaps.

Expanding our Carbon Footprint

One of the downsides to living out here is that it is a long drive to anywhere. We have a more or less fuel efficient Subaru, an ancient Honda that sips gas, and Big Blue, a 1993 Ford F-150. Paid $500 for it. Worth… Continue Reading “Expanding our Carbon Footprint”


These damn chickens are starting to earn their keep. We were gone for ten days, and they started laying while we were gone. We have somewhere between three and seven layers. We have three older hens. One is laying. One bird is molting, so… Continue Reading “Finally!”