Christmas With Prairie Peacock

So my good friend Catharine (Prairie Peacock on insta) and I had our annual gift exchange. We are both crafty sorts. I started a blog so I could show my projects, Catharine started insta to show her soaps.

History – I don’t really know when we met. Somewhere during early elementary school, because we were in brownies or something when we were little. We lost touch for a few years, but ran into each other while in law school while having lunch with our respective mothers. We ended up living exactly two blocks (as the crow flies) from each other. We spent so much time back and forth at each others’ houses that the neighbors assumed she was my girlfriend. Reasonable, but too many boobs involved for either of our tastes.

But she makes these awesome soaps! And I am lucky enough to receive them each Christmas.

Her brand is Prairie Peacock and she’s awesome.

She has all sorts of scents, but I’m a prissy bitch, and smells give me migraines, so I get unscented.

Here they are on the drying rack.

So pretty.

I’m hoping to take the 3D printing class soon, and fabricate some molds for her. Also hoping to sell her soaps once I get my egg shed built.

I’m not showing what I gave her, because I give the same things to everyone, more or less.

Happy holidays! Next up, a cooking/baking extravaganza tomorrow.

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