Expanding our Carbon Footprint

One of the downsides to living out here is that it is a long drive to anywhere. We have a more or less fuel efficient Subaru, an ancient Honda that sips gas, and Big Blue, a 1993 Ford F-150. Paid $500 for it. Worth every penny.*

*also worth every penny is the dollar a month we pay to have roadside assistance for that beast.

Well, Big Blue is a hassle to take out, because it burns through oil and power steering fluid like crazy, so, if we have more than one task for it we bundle them. This resulted in the following trips on Saturday: home-Inman-McPherson-home, home-McPherson-home, home-Wichita-home, home-Wichita-home. The middle two in Big Blue.

Why, you ask? For the garden/orchard. We went to breakfast in Inman at the Harvest Cafe, and hopped over to McPherson to check out the Reuseit Center. There we found these awesome boxes to use as raised beds.

At five bucks a pop, we had to. So out comes the truck.

Then, since Big Blue was out, we decided to move up our planned apple tree purchase and ran into town to Tree Top Nursery to get this year’s trees. We get two fruit trees per year.

We planted them on Sunday.

Our last trip of the day was to MakeICT for game night.

We played a game made on the laser cutter.

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