Kansas City here I come!

A while ago, I had to go to KC for a doctor’s appointment. We needed to pick up a piece of equipment for the brew lab that was living my my best friend’s garage. The husband was able to get away from work, so we had a little weekend away.

Quite fun. We went to Lawrence for dinner and had some great noodles.

Bon Bon

The next morning we took a leisurely drive home.

Kansas City in the fall is beautiful.

We decided to take the long cut, with a plan to arrive in Council Grove for lunch.

We started our trek heading south out of KC, and stopped at the Louisberg Cider Mill.

There are a bunch of tool artifacts from the early years of the mill.

Here is cider mill.

We drove across the state, and stopped in Council Grove, and went to Hays House, the oldest continuously serving restaurant west of the Mississippi.

And the coolest was that we saw a bald eagle over near the Tallgrass National Preserve.

The pic is a little grainy, but I promise it is a bald eagle.

All in all a nice trip. Good food, good friends, and good bird watching. We didn’t have enough time to stop at the national park, but we’ve been there a bunch of times.

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