Living My Best Life

After a week of Canada pictures and this post on Facebook:

One of my friends had this to say:

I have to agree.

Things are humming here on the farm, and in the week we were gone, spring sprang.

Ok, so most of that is dandelion, but the bees like em. 🐝

In exciting news, we have asparaguses!

We are going to get sick of asparagus – but it will be delicious getting there.

We have a pair of peonies by the old garden patch, which is the future goat pasture. I’m going to move them to a better place, I think.

Our apple trees are in bloom! Three of the four have lots of flowers. Two Granny Smith trees, one Fugi, and a Honeycrisp. The honeycrisp is the one that has few flowers, but it’s new.

You can’t see it from here, but the wildflowers are filled with a bunch of different types of flowers. Including my absolute favorite, Wallflowers!

The herb garden has been planted, the garden patch graded, and several of the boxes painted. We bought a dog house at the chicken auction-my time to build is worth more than the five dollars I paid for it.

And we started our hatch.

I cant find the juggler thing, so right now I put 20 eggs in there, and the Husband is going to 3D print the pieces I can’t find. In the next few days we are picking up our two hives, and I need to call my lamb guy to arrange picking up a quarter of a cow, and half a lamb.

And I’m building a fence with the Husband*.

*don’t get me wrong, I am building a fence in the same way as the magician’s assistant is doing magic. I’m holding things and using my body to help with whatever he’s doing.

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