…All Good Things

Our “last” day of vacation was in Calgary. After a leisurely breakfast, we got ready to leave. Most of the stuff in Calgary was closed, because it was the Easter holiday, but we did have some time to wander around.

I found a bakery with legit good sourdough bread. Not “good for gluten-free” but good good. I may or may not have gone a little overboard. I had two donuts, a grilled cheese, a cupcake, and I brought home a loaf of savory brioche and a loaf of sourdough. So if you’re ever in Calgary, go to Nosh. They do not ship yet, I’ve already asked.

Our travels back to the airport took us through the middle of the town, with ice green spaces and artwork.

Flat, but you can see the mountains.

Because curling makes me giggle

Cool street art.

Why does Canada have so much interesting architecture?

We got to the airport and returned our car thinking, at least we will be in our own beds tonight…

Yeah, no.

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