The Wedding

The whole reason we were in Park City was the wedding. My cousin married her one true love.

It was a wonderful weekend of love and family.

We started with an open house at their home. There were several speeches. One was the presentation of some artwork. Several years ago, while staying with friends, the groom was absentmindedly whittling, and whittled their names in a stick. The friend kept the stick, and varnished it.

Another thread that runs through our family is the love of college basketball. Specifically the KU Jayhawks. One of our cousins prepared a power point showing the intertwining of the couple’s love and KU Basketball. It included a greeting from the bride’s favorite player.

A thread in the groom’s family is music. His family provided a wonderful trio of music throughout the weekend.

Day two was a dinner at a local distillery. It was lovely reconnecting with second cousins (?). My cousin’s cousins. I dunno, maybe we aren’t related at all. But fun people. And my new first cousins once removed were a delight (groom’s kids).

There was a lot of music, laughter, and tag playing. And a picture of the cousins present. We had a quorum.

Finally was the big event. It was halfway up the mountain. We had to ride a chair lift. It was the Husband’s first chair lift. The wedding was beautiful, in a beautiful setting.

More family, more laughing, more s’mores.

Then was the ride down. Well, up, then down. We had to go to the top and turn around. It was pitch black, and the Perseids were out in force.

I wished upon all of the falling stars for a long and happy life for my cousin and her new husband. Well, almost all of them.

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