Shakespeare Letterpress Cards

So in undergrad, I was an English major (political science, too). My area of expertise was Shakespeare. My junior year, I spent the spring semester interning in Washington DC for a political think tank.

One of my favorite places was the Folger Shakespeare Library. I loved looking at the old books. Once I had a house, I started collecting antique Shakespeare books. I have a small collection of well-loved books.

I also bought some letterpress postcards. They traveled with me for years. They lived in my first house on Quentin in the stairwell. I framed them and hung them in a group (this before digital cameras, so no pics).

How cute was this? 2 br 1.5 bath. Craftsman foursquare.

But as I moved and married and moved some more, several of them got lost, and others lost their frames. As we were cleaning out our mud room I found several of them.

They were in really good shape, but I needed more for a wall. So I tracked down the maker, and ordered a few more from First Folio Cards. Of course I had to get this one!

And because we have bees and I am twelve years old, this one.

Get your mind out of the gutter… that says “suck!” Lol.

When they arrive from Stratford-on-Avon, I will find a good color and mat them and hang them in my stairwell or hallway.

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