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Shakespeare Letterpress Cards

So in undergrad, I was an English major (political science, too). My area of expertise was Shakespeare. My junior year, I spent the spring semester interning in Washington DC for a political think tank. One of my favorite places was the Folger Shakespeare Library.… Continue Reading “Shakespeare Letterpress Cards”

Book 9

A weird, lyrical book.

Book 7 and Kitchen Waste Garden

So I read my seventh book.

Book 2 – Why We Can’t Sleep

My Gen-X friends should read this.

Books 45-50

My goal was to read 50 books this year, and I just made it under the wire.

Christmas in Quaranisolation

Yet another holiday without family. I stole the name of my state of being from my brother-in-law who has had a different drink every night since things shut down in March. We all have the things we do to pass the time. I colored… Continue Reading “Christmas in Quaranisolation”

Books 27-30

Oddly enough, I’ve been reading crappy novels.

Book 26

The 7 ½ deaths of Evelyn Hardcastle. An interesting premise. Guy wakes up with no memory, and must solve a murder. Eight times. Each one the same day. Sort of a murder mystery plus Groundhog Day. Interesting premise, but it sort of falls apart… Continue Reading “Book 26”

Book 24 and 25

Next Year in Havana. Astrophysics for People in a Hurry. I contain multitudes.

Book Three – How to Speak Chicken

This was a fun little book about chickening by Melissa Caughey.