Christmas in Quaranisolation

Yet another holiday without family. I stole the name of my state of being from my brother-in-law who has had a different drink every night since things shut down in March. We all have the things we do to pass the time. I colored my hair fun colors. Just the stripe of white, like Anna has.

Although it is more Rogue by now.

After a low-key thanksgiving, I decided on a bit more flair for Christmas. I wrapped my presents in red and green plaid. The patterns look a lot like my childhood binky (right) and my wedding plaid (left). Not sure what my binky is, but the wedding plaid is Murray of Atholl.

Long ago, we stopped doing presents at our generation. Nieces and nephews get a present until they are in college. My usual Christmas presents for adults are crafts or other homemade stuff, and I give them to our generation, too. Kids get money, because I would buy impossibly dorky presents, I’m sure.

This year was a bit pared down, since because *gestures widely*

Fortunately, in the waning days of summer, I bought a ton of nectarines and made jam. And we have a boatload of honey. So not too much, but something. I think I accidentally put in a couple of jams from my in-laws, because I ended up with an extra. Oops…

We had a nice Christmas Eve dinner. Pork loin braised in applesauce, potatoes, and green beans. Neither one of us had room for the artichoke and compound butter, or the desserts. Eh, we can eat them today.

Breakfast is also yummy. We special ordered a quiche from Mustard Seed. And a bunch of pastries. And fresh orange juice, and coffee in our mugs from my brother and sister-in-law.

Then presents!

I got a hydroponic planter thingy, a candle mold in the shape of a pine cone, soaps from Prairie Peacock, silicon mats, a book on how to make macarons, a book, and some monies. Later, we have a zoom call and Christmas bingo with the family.

How beautiful are these?

The Husband is off playing with his computer components.

Now to the business of the day. Reading my books, and perusing the seed and chicken catalogs.

Merry Christmas to all who celebrate!

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