How to Put on a Walk-in Cast in Nine Easy Steps.

So now I’m in a boot. And while it is better than a cast… by far, it still has some challenges. I’ve been taking it off to work on range of motion and to rest. Getting the damn thing back on is a hassle.

  1. Step one: find an angle where you can keep the boot on your leg while you close it without rebreaking your leg.
  2. Step two: close the Velcro on the padding.
  3. Step three: start closing the Velcro straps over your leg.
  4. Step four: see shin cover piece and swear.
  5. Step five: undo the Velcro straps.
  6. Step six: put on the shin cover.
  7. Step seven: vow to remember next time.
  8. Step eight: close straps.
  9. Step nine: tighten straps.

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