Date Night For Nerds

So we had a date night last night. MakeICT class on 3D printing and takeout.

We went into Wichita on a rainy Friday night.

We signed up for the 3D printing class. Now the Husband has two here at home, so he knows what he is doing, but I’ve always been a spectator. All that changed last night.

We got there a little early, so we worked on projects until dinner arrived. I’m making a sundress.

The Husband is making a housing for our brooder temperature controller.

More on that in a different post. But isn’t it cool?

We had a classroom portion of the class, but soon got into making a thing.

I went to Thingiverse to find a thing. I found a bee.

For most 3D printing, you export an .stl file. Then you import it into a slicer, which renders the layers that the printer prints. You can see it from all different layers.

Then you send it to the printer software – here it is octoprint – and prep the printer. Make sure it is clean, that it has the right filament, that kind of thing. Then you print!

It takes a while.

So you have to be patient.

But eventually you get your thing.

I’m going to use the printer for a housing for a solar fountain for the bees and to print cups for hydroponics.

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