Getting Dirty

Today was spent primarily in the garden. Prepping isn’t sexy, but it helps in the long run.

But fist, coffee. My local place Mustard Seed had a gluten-free baking day yesterday, so I was pretty much on the doorstep when they opened. I had awesome scones. Bacon Cheddar and Strawberry Shortcake. She sent me home with some tester rolls, which were very good.

I think we are regulars. Most know my drink order, and the scones were my suggestion (requested suggestion – I’m not going to wander in and tell a baker what to do in their own kitchen)

Starting to feel like I’m more of the community. Regular at the coffee shop and the restaurants in the two nearby towns. We are lending our tractor to the neighbors to till. It’s sort of difficult to break in if (a) you’re new, (b) you don’t go to church, and (3) you don’t have kids in school.

But on to my day. Made a quick grocery run and Home Depot run for some supplies.

I started with the apple trees. I pruned them according to my job aid that I found. Then finished cleaning up the herb garden. I’m missing some seeds (using up last year’s seeds first). I’ve never successfully grown an herb garden from seed before, so we will see what happens. Once I get all of the seeds in, I’m putting some netting over it so it doesn’t turn into a dust bath for the chickens.

I planted basil, oregano, marjoram, cilantro (in its own pot), savory, dill (and sacrificial dill), thyme, cumin, catnip. I still need rosemary. I have over-wintered parsley, sage, and oregano. I’m planning on giving away transplants of oregano, sage, and parsley at game night this weekend. Tomorrow is protecting it from our chickens who loved their dust bath all winter.

Next up was cleaning out our front landscaping. We let it go last year because I was depressed all summer and didn’t do as much as I wanted. But there are little daffodils peeking out of the ground. And maybe the crepe myrtle survived my neglect. We definitely have some yard chard.

Across the driveway, I also see some croci under the (hated) callery pear tree. My dream is to put autumn blaze maples along that side of the drive. And then tap them. Tomorrow I may put in some forsythia over where the gate for the fence will be. There’s a break in the tree line and the walk-in gate is going there.

If that wasn’t enough, I also moved the planters we bought earlier this year to their new homes. They are significantly taller than the others, so I’ve placed them strategically to block as little sun as possible, and I’ll put shade crops in the ones they are next to.

I’m also using the tall boxes as a wind break. I’ve got raspberries and blackberries to put in. They need full sun, but the hot southerly winds dry them out. As soon as I paint the boxes, I’m putting up trellis for them to climb.

Long, but productive day. Including a nap.

Now I’m making dirty jokes as the Husband watches This Old House and reviewing grants for the United Way.

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