Asparagus Field

Sometimes you make terrible decisions when you homestead.

Like planting your garden where you don’t see it every day and far away from a water source. So now I’ve got a kitchen garden right by two spigots, but my asparagus is in the old garden plot. And we’re planning on putting goats there.

What to do?

I’ve begun the process of transplanting the asparagus to the new bed. As luck would have it,the best time to do this is, like, right this minute. When the soil is workable, but the spears aren’t up yet.

I cleaned up the beds to make sure nothing was up.

I used a nifty little hand rake.

Then I dug the trenches in the new bed (well, the husband did).

The plan.

So now to get the asparagus out of the ground. The first one I did carefully, by hand, trying to preserve all of the roots.

Well, that failed miserably.

Next I used the shovel to dig them up. Ahhh, much better. I was just in time, there was one that was almost up.

Going to finish up today if it clears up at all.

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