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Even More Wildflowers

I love that I have wildflowers instead of lawn. It brings me joy to look out there. We’ve got more new flowers out there today.

More Wildflowers

Every year I think, “well, darn I guess no wildflowers this year.” Then one morning I wake up and *bam* flowers! So we’ve seen the tick weed and beardtongue. We have more!

Spring is Springing

Still in the early days, but signs are starting to pop up, as are our peonies.

Our Wildflowers

We got home from our little trip to the wildflowers in our yard. We have lovely pink, blue, purple, yellow, and white flowers.


After a nice night at the house, we set off for our second day. We headed out into the Gypsum Hills. There were some lovely wildflowers. Baldwin’s Ironweed. Purple Coneflower Threadleaf Sundrop Purple Poppymallow And lots more… And even better, we came home to… Continue Reading “Wildflowers”

Just Super!

The dandelions are blooming which means one thing, time to stop feeding the bees for the winter. They have callery pear and apple trees are blooming, and we have daffodils. S food enough for the bees. Since the one remaining hive really did well… Continue Reading “Just Super!”

Getting Dirty

Today was spent primarily in the garden. Prepping isn’t sexy, but it helps in the long run. But fist, coffee. My local place Mustard Seed had a gluten-free baking day yesterday, so I was pretty much on the doorstep when they opened. I had… Continue Reading “Getting Dirty”

Guardsman Pass

Yesterday we decided to go on a scenic drive. We started in Park City, and headed south (maybe? Directions here are not cemented in my brain yet).

Wildflower Garden – Third Time’s the Charm

Now my wildflower field isn’t quite as amazing as the pictures I posted of what I wanted, but we are getting somewhere this year. As we were beekeeping I saw some wallflowers.

The Long Cut (Part One)

We bugged out early from our vacation, and it’s a good thing.