Who’s Who in the Henhouse – Summer and River

We have two Welsummer ladies, Summer and River.



So, we started with Summer, because of Welsummer, and that morphed into River for the other one because Firefly is awesome.

Now I can’t tell them apart from afar, but up close, one has more pecking on her head, so… River Tam. Also, she had a piece of a shade wrapped around her neck for a while that had a white bead.

It reminded me of this.

They will both eat out of my hand, and River tries to follow me into the house. Presumably to get a rest from the roosters. We really gotta sell some of those guys, or otherwise dispatch them. The popular ladies are rubbed raw.

They give speckled eggs, but not very often.

The farthest right. They are friendly birds, always say hello when I come out to check for eggs. Just a little brrrrup trill.

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