New (To Me) Podcast

So I’ve been listening to a new podcast lately. One of my favorite things is Shakespeare. And my favorite Shakespeare is Henry V. Not the bombastic St. Crispin’s Day speech, or even Harfleur. I love me some dark night of the soul Harry.


There is a podcast that goes through the plays not quite scene by scene, but maybe a smaller couple of scenes. It’s called Chop Bard.

And I am loving his treatment of Henry V. I don’t always agree, but it is still amazing. One can always learn something new about a play. Today was that Montjoy might have been a title, not his name.

I’m interested in his thoughts about the aftermath of Agincourt. And hope that at some point he’ll do Much Ado About Nothing, my next favorite play. One which I learned something watching the director commentary from Joss Whedon of all people.

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