When to Give Up

So we have been building a fence to keep goats. For about two years. It goes in fits and starts, as we have time, health, and good weather.

We have part of the fence up (the red), including a drive-in gate. We need to finish the yellow part, including a walk-in gate. Ultimately it will have the chickens, goats, dogs, and any other livestock we acquire. I’m bucking for a lamb or ewe once we have our goats settled.

So here’s the space.

We also have a smaller, temporary fence for Lou’s space.

But, what with my broken leg, the Husband’s illness, and now the polar vortex, it has become more and more apparent that this will get pushed back. And we want goats, because goats!

I went to our local Facebook group to find a fencing guy. We are working out the details, but I’m thrilled that we are going to be able to get this finished!*

So what is the layout? We only** have 3 acres. Property ends to the west more or less at the tree line.

  • Orange is the foraging garden
  • Green is veggies and herbs
  • Red is orchard
  • Yellow is bees
  • Pink is wildflowers
  • Blue is chickens
  • Purple is future goats

Eventually, I want a berry patch, a perennial flower garden, a cutting garden, and autumn blaze maples along the east edge of the driveway.

*once it isn’t absolute zero outside

**oh how life has changed. When we bought, I successfully argued that we couldn’t possibly need 5 acres or more. Bah. I was wrong.

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