The High Cost of Being Sick

So the Husband was more or less in the hospital for a week. That’s going to wipe out his deductible- which, yay free health care for the rest of the year (for both of us, I blew through mine with my surgery) – but boo for being sick.

So, yeah, that is expensive. But that’s what an HSA is for.

But what about the rest of it? Since I couldn’t drive much, I had to stay in a hotel, and order food/groceries. Every Sunday morning, I review our expenses for the week.

I stayed at a reasonably good hotel (midrange Hilton, where I have points). $88 per night, so not that expensive. I spent about $40 in cash. From our regular account, I spent $823.19. Luckily, we have help, but that’s a lot of money.

Yes, theoretically, I could have gone against doctor’s orders and drove on a broken ankle/leg, but it wasn’t safe, really, especially on the highway.

So I took taxis and Ubered, and did instacart and door dash. And took a week of vacation.

Many couldn’t just drop everything and care for their spouse. I am lucky that I could (for the most part, I did have to work some at the hospital). I am lucky that I was able to afford to do it safely.

In most countries our size, health care is a right. It is a function of the government to protect the health of it’s citizens. Someday. Until then, survival checks monthly, dammit.


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