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Making Oilcloth

So we have a lot of things that need covering outside, and I’m a dork, so I’ve been making oilcloth so our stuff will match. So far, I’ve done a cover for the chicken pen, some windbreaks for our feeding station, and a banner.

What’s Next?

So yesterday was what did we do last year. Today is what are we doing this year?


I started my seeds for the year. I’ve got a setup in my mud room that has a warming mat, grow light, and I made a self-watering system. Hopefully it will work. We have a couple weeks to work out the kinks.

Birds! Birds! Birds!

We have a whole lot of wonderful birds in our yard. It’s like a Hitchcock film up in here. A quick list of what I’ve seen in the yard, without even sitting down and looking hard. (All images from the Audubon App, which I… Continue Reading “Birds! Birds! Birds!”

It’s the most wonderful time of the year

I LOVE Spring. Everything about it. And while it doesn’t look all that springy right now (foggy), it’s going to be 56 degrees here today, and it was almost 70 yesterday. I work at home, so my day doesn’t generally have a whole lot… Continue Reading “It’s the most wonderful time of the year”

Caged Heat

We are getting ready to start working on increasing our flock. To that end, we purchased a small chicken run to put in our yard near the coop. This will help isolate birds if we need to cull the flock, keep the sexual harassers… Continue Reading “Caged Heat”

Compost Bins

I’ve been sick for a while so I haven’t been able to do much, but my beloved made a compost bin. Eventually we’re going to have three.

Chickens In Your Backyard

So I was weeding our once and future berry patch when some very inquisitive chickens happened by.  Meet the chickens.

Field of Dreams

We have more lawn than any person needs. I hate lawns. Hey, let’s put non-native, water-intensive plants that we use energy to keep artificially short. Screw that. Maybe… maybe… after we get goats… but only maybe. So we decided that, other than a fire… Continue Reading “Field of Dreams”