Caged Heat

We are getting ready to start working on increasing our flock. To that end, we purchased a small chicken run to put in our yard near the coop.

This will help isolate birds if we need to cull the flock, keep the sexual harassers at bay if needed, and provide a safe space for the little ones once they’re ready to play outdoors.

We bought a simple cage from Amazon (I’m thinking of getting another, it was cheap and it looks to be a good run), the Husband put it together.

We’re going to make some modifications to it, like putting training wheels on it to make it mobile, and put a better tarp on it to make the end waterproof as well as a sun shade. But the chickens seem to like it.

We put grains down to acclimate them and make it a non-scary place.

Yesterday I caught Buffy in there just chillin. Now we just have to figure the right time to start our eggs. Do we want them before or after vacation? Do we trust the incubator to run while we’re gone?

And how does this affect our pursuit of bees. That’s next on the homestead front.

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