Adventure time!

So those of you who know me know that I’m a bit OCD. My mother will attest to my need to make schedules for things like vacations. Remember our grids of hikes and ranger-led activities from my pre-husband Colorado trips?

I’m still a planner, but I’m did something extraordinary for me. When we were planning our Hilton Head trip, I plotted a course, set up hotels along the way and got us there in time to have lunch with my friends in Savannah on Sunday of the trip. But then I erased all of that, cancelled the hotels and went a different way.

I still have a course in mind, but instead of turn by turn instructions, I have waypoints. I have an idea of where we need to be past by the end of Saturday and Sunday. I’ve listed every National Park, Forest, and Wildlife Refuge anywhere near our route, in case we want some outside time. And I’ve given us three days to get where we need to go. And I’m letting go of “where are we going to stay.” We have internets, money, and god help me, camping gear.

I have no doubt of my ability to avoid camping. But maybe we bring it, just in case. Since we don’t have hotel rooms booked along the way.

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