I started my seeds for the year. I’ve got a setup in my mud room that has a warming mat, grow light, and I made a self-watering system. Hopefully it will work. We have a couple weeks to work out the kinks.

I’ve got a half sheet pan and cow pots that I filled with seed starter mix.

Five sets of cow pots with one row cut off of each, so 15×11.

This made me laugh, because my OG seeds are cooler than I am. And then I saw this one… which was even funnier to me.

Because it made me think of this:

Amish Paradise is usually in my head about twice a week here.

All told, I planted:

  • Tomatoes
    • 5 Roma Grandinero
    • 17 Amish Paste (plus 6 from last year’s seeds)
    • 10 Brandywine (plus 5)
    • 13 Striped German (plus 5)
    • 5 Cherokee Purple
  • 3 Jalapeños
  • 14 Brussel Sprouts
  • Broccoli
    • 11 Blue Wind
    • 11 Marathon
    • 11 Unknown from last year
  • Cauliflower
    • 11 Snow Crown
    • 15 Unknown from last year, although probably snow crown.
  • 11 Eggplant

The husband says that he has better wicking twine, so I’m going to go look for that, and then fill up the cartons again. I’ve got to locate the timer for the grow light, but I don’t need that for a little while yet.

Here’s hoping they sprout and grow!

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