New and Improved Chicken Saddle

So I continued my chicken saddle prototyping, and came up with a simpler design that I can reinforce easily and that stays on.

It gaps a little at the shoulder, but it doesn’t bother her a bit. There’s Noah, all floofed out.

So here’s the pattern. I cut a 9 inch square of quilting.

Here are the supplies (although the bias tape should be double not single). Elastic, bias tape, thread and ribbon.

I mark two inches in on one corner (eventually the bottom), and three inches on the top. On the bottom sides, mark three inches from the corners, and baste in the elastic, right side up, and facing inward. On the 2 inch marks, baste in ribbon, facing in like the elastic.

Then place the bias tape, beveling the corners, over the edges and pin. Fold the elastic and ribbon out, and sew a seam close to the edge of the bias tape.

Fold down the front and back corners, and baste across the fold. You’ll take this out later. Using the stich of your choice, and contrasting thread (if you want), sew along the folded in part.

I used 49.

Pull out the stitching along the fold, if you used stitching that can be seen. You can put in contrasting fancy stitch, which I did. Do the same on the bottom fold.

Then using a non-contrast thread, attach the other ends of the elastic to the neck. For added protection, I scotch guarded the whole thing.

All you have to do now is catch the chicken.

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