Bees, Grommet!

We are hard at work getting ready for our bees. We have our list of things that we need and are slowly but surely checking things off our list.

This week the husband built the second brooder box.

This is the type of hike we’re going to have. We’ve got the 1st deep super for the brood, the bottom and top, and a super for honey. You always want to have two hives, so we’ve got (or ordered) two of each.

I’m trying to decide what colors to paint. I read a blog post that describes how bees see color, so my usual barn red is right out, since it reads as black for bees. How Bees See Color. Apparently painting them different colors helps direct the bees to their own hive.

This is one of the two brood boxes that the husband built.

We’ve also got a bee shirt, a hive tool, a brush, a logbook, some sort of rolling thingy that I don’t know the purpose of.

We’ve also sent off the check to buy our bees!!! They should be in sometime in April.

We are considering the beekeeping class, too.

Hopefully we will have honey next year.

In other homesteading news, my seedlings are up. That was faster than I expected. I need to find the christmas light timer.

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