Compost Bins

I’ve been sick for a while so I haven’t been able to do much, but my beloved made a compost bin. Eventually we’re going to have three.

One that has kitchen scraps from this year, that we can use on the garden whenever. One that has this year’s chicken poop, which needs some time to do its thing and one for next year’s poop.  As we go through, we rotate which bin we use.

We only had the wood for one, so we only have one done. I cleaned out the coop last weekend, so we filled it somewhat already.

Take 8 two by fours and make four 3 ft square frames.

Pick your paint and paint the pieces.

Put the sides together with zinc hinges, and staple hardware cloth.

We want to be able to move those, so we have hasps.

I’m planning on getting some numbers to help us remember which one is which.


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