It’s the most wonderful time of the year

I LOVE Spring. Everything about it. And while it doesn’t look all that springy right now (foggy), it’s going to be 56 degrees here today, and it was almost 70 yesterday.

I work at home, so my day doesn’t generally have a whole lot of walking around to meetings/chatting/coffee breaks. So instead, yesterday I took a few minutes several times to walk around the property picking up detritus blown in from the winds. It is lovely out here, even if it is windy.

I’m obsessively checking for flowers to peep out of the ground, and the asparagus to start showing. Well, at least on the flowers, I was rewarded yesterday.

One of my bulbs was up on my morning walk. And by the time I was taking the trash out at 5 pm, three were up!

And our apple trees are starting to bud out.

I cannot wait until we have our own apples, asparagus, and other assorted vegetables. I am considering trying to set up a self-watering system for my seedlings so I can get them started before we go on vacation.

It’s modeled after this:

We will see how it works over the next couple of weeks to determine whether we can use it while we’re gone.

Happy spring everyone! Get out there and get dirty!

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