I love you

Coffee. Another household quirk is that whenever you hand a cup of coffee to another person, the correct response is I love you. Of course, then you clarify that you were talking to the coffee.

So generally we drink a pot in the morning, and I’m good with one or two cups. But some days I need a little boost mid-afternoon. A whole pot is a bit much, so I indulge.

French press is awesome. It has the benefits of excellent coffee, as well as the joy of a process.

Start with excellent coffee. We drink Full Vengeance from The Roasterie.

They have good practices, and good coffee. They ship you coffee on a regular schedule, and it looks like maybe you can get it on Amazon subscribe and save? But we like supporting the local people. We’ve done the tour and everything.

Then you get your French Press together. We use a Bodum.

Heat your water on the stove, then pour over the grounds and stir with a glass stirrer. OK, the glass *probably* doesn’t matter, but I still use one

Wait for a bit, press down and voila!

The coffee cup is from a coffee shop/law office that used to be located down the street from my sister in Dallas. It still makes me giggle.

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