What’s Next?

So yesterday was what did we do last year. Today is what are we doing this year?

Fencing: we’ve had some predation. Our county commissioner saw a bobcat running away with Buffy the Wormslayer. I like to think they found a place where their love is not taboo. We are going to fence off the eastern part of the property, move the chickens there, and get a big dumb dog to protect them. We’re building the fence to prepare for goats too. But not quite yet.

More Bees: I’m going to send off a check to get two more hives. They’ll go over by the other hives. We have the base stuff, and the Husband and I will build the second brooders and the supers.

Build another chicken coop or two. We really liked the design of the coop we made this year, so we’re going to build two more. Also, the first coop is heavy as all get out and we don’t want to move it. We’ll make a few adjustments – the egg door is kinda useless, and I can get to anything with a grabber. So that side won’t have a door – but maybe a window.

Move the garden. With the exception of the asparagus, we are moving the garden. Right now it is far from the house and far from a water source. We are giving up our side yard (who needs a yard – and we’ve got the front in case of bocce) and turning it into the garden plot. It will still get full sun, but be protected from the harsh western sun in the late afternoon. To that end, I’m going to build a couple of raised beds. The herb garden is fantastic- so I’m going to recreate that for some veggies.

Mushrooms: we got mushroom spawn. We cut down two really annoying trees that were (a) blocking our view, and (b) if grown to full height will crash down on our house in a storm. They were oaks, so we’re going to build a place to grow shiitakes.

Shed: we are going to build a shed so we can sell eggs. My friend makes beautiful soaps, so we can sell them as well. I’m considering designing a t-shirt and screen printing it to sell too. We found this cool wooden sign that we can use to advertise. And we live right near the big intersection in our neck of the woods.

Berry patch: I’m not giving up on the berry patch just yet. I need to ask my mother where she would put it. She’s grown raspberries for many years. True story, she thought that the raspberries at my childhood home didn’t grow well for some reason. The reason was that I’d sneak out in the morning and eat them straight from the bushes.

More trees: my dream is to have a tree lined drive. But if we did both sides we wouldn’t be able to see anything but trees. So I’m contenting myself with one side. We already have a callery pear (which I hate) but we are going to add a line of redbuds. Across the fenced in part, we are adding dogwoods, and near the walk-in gate we have some crepe myrtle. I may add some forsythias for early color.

And I’ve already sown about a gallon of wildflower seeds in the front half of our lawn, near the bees.

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