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One of Everything

We drove partway back from Colorado today. We hit it all. Icy roads, snow, dust storms, crazy ass winds. I half expected frogs or locusts next.

A Drive in the Park

Yesterday was the first Park day. I love Rocky Mountain National Park. It is my happy place. And my favorite mountain (to view), Mount Ypsilon.

Makerspace Tours

Yesterday we decided to go down to Fort Collins (I love Fort Collins) and hang around. We go through the Big Thompson Canyon, which is just majestic af.

Snowed In

We came out to have a quiet thanksgiving. We just beat the snow.

Old Fall River Road

One of the reasons we got our Subaru was so that we could take drives that our VW couldn’t. Over the fourth, we went to Colorado to try to relax (it didn’t work). But the drive was lovely. Old Fall River was the original… Continue Reading “Old Fall River Road”

Arty Pictures

One of the things I want to get better at is photography. Note: I want to learn and be better at ALL THE THINGS. So here are the more *arty* of the shots from my vacation.

The Long Cut (Part IV)

Day two begins with WAFFLES!!! I love me some waffles. We get moving slowly, because we have loads of time. (Ha!) We start out and get distracted by Bent’s Old Fort. Which. Is. Awesome.

The Long Cut (Part 3)

OK, it’s like two hours out, and we’ve only left the mountains. It just gets weirder.

The Long Cut (Part 2)

So we finally get out of town, like an hour after we leave. And decide to take the peak to peak highway again. This time, there’s no snow! Again, we stop and wander about in various places. Lunch in Nederaland at Happy Trails, where we… Continue Reading “The Long Cut (Part 2)”

The Long Cut (Part One)

We bugged out early from our vacation, and it’s a good thing.