One of Everything

We drove partway back from Colorado today. We hit it all. Icy roads, snow, dust storms, crazy ass winds. I half expected frogs or locusts next.

Some icicles in Big Thompson Canyon.

We had the bright idea that, “hey, the wind is coming from the west, we’ll just wait as long as possible to turn south!”

Um…. yeah, that was a terrible idea. We got to Greeley and the roads were closed to the East. So we try south, and the roads are ice and snow. So we backtrack on an interstate and hook up with 70. Where it was windy af. We even saw a dust storm.

We hit snow a few miles before Colby, but then it was smooth sailing. Dinner at Gellas, and back to the hotel to watch the Mandalorian. I must have a baby Yoda.

Then crossword, writing, and sleep.

To quote Lin-Manuel Miranda

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