Makerspace Tours

Yesterday we decided to go down to Fort Collins (I love Fort Collins) and hang around. We go through the Big Thompson Canyon, which is just majestic af.

Roads were hit and miss, but fine for our Subaru.

How gorgeous is this? Ordinarily I wouldn’t take all of the pics from the car, but the pull offs were covered in piles of snow. We got 31 inches in Estes, and I’m sure that there wasn’t much less in here.

We ended up going to a little restaurant The Farmhouse. I had lamb tacos and Brussels sprouts.

Then we went to visit the Fort Collins creator space.

The welding area?

Textiles is not that big.

Some sort of large tool.

We then went down to the Loveland creator space. The lovely Mary showed us around.

Shop bot.

Donated Storage from Family Dollar.

Cubbies for members, we are getting plans for these.

They have clouds! They light up!

On the way home we saw some elk.

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