The Long Cut (Part IV)

Day two begins with WAFFLES!!! I love me some waffles. We get moving slowly, because we have loads of time. (Ha!)

We start out and get distracted by Bent’s Old Fort. Which. Is. Awesome.

Seriously, go there. It’s so cool.

It’s an old trading fort in southeast Colorado. It’s on the Santa Fe Trail (Mountain Route). There are a ton of artifacts, and it’s got a really great way of letting you see, touch, and experience the items.

Chiles anyone?

They have a prairie schooner and a wagon. Can you imagine going west in that thing? With your whole family, and everything you own? I need to stop whining about having to sit in the front seat between my parents as a child.

First we have the doctor’s office and general store.

The wood shop – which the husband covets, and a bedroom.

The blacksmith’s shop – the husband also covets – and a store room.

Some religious artifacts and a canoe.

Old school razor wire – this was all along the top of the walls.

The fort even has a couple of cats. One of whom took to the Husband immediately. And the Husband took to the cat immediately too.

Of course, we can’t completely whitewash history, this was a fort and there were cannons. This one Number 3 faced to the northwest. And the window there is to the southeast.

But all in all it was pretty darn cool. This is the end of the long cut posts, though, because the snow caught up with us, the time got away from us, and the balance of the trip was going as fast as we can on Highway 50 to get home.

A fine trip, all around.

2 Comments on “The Long Cut (Part IV)

  1. Loved seeing your photos of Bent’s Fort! Especially of “Patrick,” the cat! When you have a chance, visit my blog on WordPress: Adventures of the Owl Teacher , and you can read about our family “history-cation” that we embarked on this past June at Bents’ Fort. We lived the 1846 life for a couple days.


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