Old Fall River Road

One of the reasons we got our Subaru was so that we could take drives that our VW couldn’t. Over the fourth, we went to Colorado to try to relax (it didn’t work).

But the drive was lovely. Old Fall River was the original road over the continental divide in Rocky. It is one way, mainly dirt, and nine miles long. Old Fall River Road

11 miles, and we made it last three hours.

The first stop is Endovalley, which is a favorite lunch spot.

This was actually the day before. You want an early start. here we go!

It was a lovely drive with flowers and switchbacks and waterfalls, oh my.

Part of the way in is Chasm falls. It requires a bit of a hike, but it is lovely.

Flowers and trees. I love the old deadfall with their intricate details from, I presume, insects. It looks like ancient hieroglyphs with mystical meanings.

Yikes! That’s a switchback!

Mainly though, it is he view.

More summer adventures soon!

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